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Jason Alan Fuller is an artist based out of Athens, Georgia. Titled Athen's own "piano-man" by Flagpole Magazine, Fuller's exceptional skill on the piano has marked him as "the most sought-after sideman in Athens". Inspired by Chuck Leavell and Gregg Rolie, Fuller has developed his own style of playing that leaves his audience captivated.

Fuller's music is an infusion of pop, funk, rock, and blues. Through these influences, Fuller has developed a sound of his own that tells a remarkable story of his journey to becoming an artist. 

Fuller has toured throughout the world, playing alongside popular bands such as Ween. He has sold out Red Rocks and the Fillmore, and has recorded over 35 albums in the course of his career.

“Few musicians epitomize the living spirit of music that is Athens more than Jason Fuller. He was in fine form the entire show, proving throughout the afternoon that he is a world-class talent"
Jason is one of those natural players who is so totally musical his amazing technique flows like fine wine, calling attention to itself until you realize that damn few fingers have that kind of control.

Honest Tune Magazine

The Key West Newspaper

“Jason Fuller is without a doubt one of the more talented musicians in Athens, a town plumb thick with hot players. In terms of pure talent, the boy can flat play that piano (or organ or keyboards or whatever). He's also one of the most versatile, able to leap from barrelhouse boogie to nasty New Orleans swing to rollicking honky tonk to tasty jazz."

Flagpole Magazine

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